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Our aim to give quality dance training and making dance available to all, Nitin School of Dance run throughout the year for students from ages 4 to onwards providing them with training in different dance styles by our professional faculty. Our classes give them a chance to learn dance, categorical themselves creatively and perform on stage. Classes are available for children, juniors, and adults.

Started since 2012. The Dance Academy has big and developed under the thoughtful direction of Nitin Kumar Choreographer. Truly different to others and unique, Nitin School of Dance also offers something special for their students. For many years, thousands of students have enlisted in our weekly dance forms like Hip-hop(Locking, Popping, Breaking), contemporary, Free Style, Bollywood, Classical etc., which end up in a summer dance concert featuring the achievements of the year.

Although many of our students have attained important action in the field of dance, our primary aim is to stimulate personal improvement and growth and especially to have fun.
We offer a safe dance learning environment, where inspiration is given along with constructive judgment.

Dance is an outstanding form of exercise that promotes heart conditioning. Dance develops graceful movement = total physical coordination, confidence and rhythmic reply to music. But, basically, it is great enjoyment. An additional profit is that the socialization – several of our students, within the classes of their dance learning, have developed close friendships that last a lifetime.

We encourage agility and strength, discover muscles we didn’t know we had, and use them to test the limits of space and time.

Using artistic tools from a dynamic culture of choreographers, we make dances that honor the depth of our thinking. We seek compulsory new ways to execute relevant actions and we play with forms and formats and explore relationships between our bodies in motion. We have the ability to worth the journey — the maximum of destination, and actively seek opportunities to share our hard work with the bigger community.

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